What are The Five Most Popular North Indian Cuisines?

North Indian culture is a mix of the nine states that constitute it, right from Punjab to Delhi, Haryana to Rajasthan and so on. The diversity is one of the main adjectives that can be used to describe the culture of the Northern part of India.

The Most Famous Pizza Toppings Among Indians

Whether be it the thin crust, fresh pan or cheese burst, pizza seems like a burst of varied flavours when it comes to its taste. Apart from the cheese and the sauce, toppings are what give a pizza a uniquely delicious flavor and taste of its own. And the best part is, we get the option to choose the toppings whenever we order a pizza at any of the restaurants. The choice of toppings varies from a person to person, and that is completely okay because it’s always good to have different versions of a food that’s as divine as pizza.

Varieties of Pasta Popular Among Delhiites

There are various restaurants serving different varieties of pasta, from authentic Italian to the Indianised versions of the same. But, do you have a clue that which of the pasta recipes are most liked and preferred by the Delhiites? Read on to know about some of the best pasta versions:

Mocktail at Cafe Muzino-Music Themed Cafe Restaurant in Rohini, Delhi

The Best Mocktail Blends In India

Not every celebration needs alcohol, as there are some, where you need to stay sober; be it the time when you are driving, dieting, or maybe just not drinking at all. Conditions vary, but that does not mean you can’t enjoy the blends and zest of flavors. This is where the non-alcoholic drinks come in. A delicious and intoxicating amalgamation (not in the literal sense) of drinks, mocktails are making their way in our hearts.

Get Introduced to The Golden World of Tea

For a large section of the society, tea is like a lifeblood. Yeah, like truly. You can relate to this statement if you are chai-oholic yourself. If there are guests visiting you, tea is being served, if you have to work or study and feeling sleepy, tea is the best remedy, meeting friends to discuss your office gossips or life matters, tea is what you need – see, we told you, tea is an integral part of life. If given a choice to order tea and coffee online, the chai-oholics will not even consider coffee as an option and would straight away order tea.

Café Muzino: A New and Unique Music Themed Café of Delhi

To add a strong gust of air to the already blowing storm of the theme based restaurants, Café Muzino has come up in Rohini (Delhi). It is one-of-a-kind of a café where you can experience the best of both worlds, the combination of the most sumptuous food and beverage options and the most melodious music. If you want to get the feel of a music based café, then Café Muzino is a must visit place as you will get the chance to devour on your favourite food and sip on the beverage of your choice, while listening to some impressive music from different genres.

Cafe for Music and Food Lovers

You don’t have to search for ‘music gigs near me’ or ‘restaurant café near me’ as a matter of fact. There’s a new attraction with the name Café Muzino, located in the heart of West Delhi, that aims to deliver what you were looking for. It boasts about delivering the best of both worlds-the combination of luscious food, great music and welcoming ambience. A food enthusiast and music lover in you can ask for nothing more, except spending some quality time at a place like this.

Step in at Café Muzino

We are happy to announce that our newly renovated cafe is now ready for your dining pleasure. We are eager to treat you and your family to a unique and cost effective dining experience with our special Menu and Service.