The Most Famous Pizza Toppings Among Indians

Of course, size matters! Yes, no one wants a small pizza!

We don’t want to compromise with the size, when it comes to pizza. It is that one type of dish that makes us forget the well-learned lesson of ‘sharing’. Pizza is love and we don’t want to share the one we love dearly. Ask a foodie and they will tell you that pizza is actually ‘love at first sight’ and there is no going back. It is one such Italian dish that has become such an integral part of our list of favourites, that it does not feel something not originally from India anymore.

Whether be it the thin crust, fresh pan or cheese burst, pizza seems like a burst of varied flavours when it comes to its taste. Apart from the cheese and the sauce, toppings are what give a pizza a uniquely delicious flavor and taste of its own. And the best part is, we get the option to choose the toppings whenever we order a pizza at any of the restaurants. The choice of toppings varies from a person to person, and that is completely okay because it’s always good to have different versions of a food that’s as divine as pizza.

So, while visiting a nearby restaurant, what are the most famous toppings that people in India prefer to make the best pizza as per their taste buds? Let’s discuss:

1. Sweet Corn/Golden Corn
For that slightly sweet and tender taste, sweet corn or golden corn is what you need.
2. Paneer/Cottage Cheese
Picked up to add that richness of cottage cheese to the taste of pizza.
3. Chicken Tikka
If a non-veg lover puts up a query like ‘café near me’ and visits the place, then the chances are high that chicken tikka would be the ultimate pick for him or her to go in the pizza.
4. Pineapple
Though highly debated over its authenticity, Pineapple still remains the favourite of quite a large number of people.
5. Bell Pepper
Be it green, yellow or red bell peppers, they make the pizza taste even better.
6. Mushroom
For the lovers of mushrooms, there is no pizza without these delicious ingredient in it.
7. Jalapeno
Jalapenos add that perfect level of heat to the pizza, thus, preferred by one and all who like to keep it hot.
8. Olives
The black version of olives indeed seems like a treat in pizza.
9. Sausages
Chunks of sausages in pizza are like a sight of paradise for any non-veg lover.

So, after getting to understand the most famous toppings for pizza among Indians, you can head to a good restaurant, like Café Muzino located at Sector 11, Rohini, to try out the pizza of your choice.

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