Mocktail at Cafe Muzino-Music Themed Cafe Restaurant in Rohini, Delhi

The Best Mocktail Blends In India

Mocktails at Cafe Muzino are making their way in our hearts

Not every celebration needs alcohol, as there are some, where you need to stay sober; be it the time when you are driving, dieting, or maybe just not drinking at all. Conditions vary, but that does not mean you can’t enjoy the blends and zest of flavors. This is where the non-alcoholic drinks come in. A delicious and intoxicating amalgamation (not in the literal sense) of drinks, mocktails are making their way in our hearts.

Mocktails are the combination of mock – cocktails that serve the purpose of celebrations, without making you tipsy or high. These drinks taste the same or better, without the addition of liquor. For the love of celebrations and parties that Indians have, these non-alcoholic drinks are getting more and more famous day by day. Perhaps you might wonder; what exactly shall suit you and what are the best blends of mocktails to try? This write-up will ease things for you as below are listed the best blends of Mocktails worth trying:

  1. New Zealand Delight: This mocktail is a perfect blend of kiwis crushed and shaken with sweet and sour, topped up with the choice of drink, either sprite or limca.
  2. Classic Virgin Mojito: A zest of mint leaves and a dash of lemon juice, mixed with the bit of sugar and fizz of soda to create a sparkly taste for the taste buds.
  3. Chilli Flambico: As unique as the taste sounds, this mocktail has a distinct taste as well. Some taste to linger, Chilli Flambico is the outcome of green apple chunks muddled with sweet and sour, and topped with ice, sprite and Tabasco, giving its signature twist.
  4. Orange Blossom: Something different and interesting, the Orange Blossom is a combination of kiwis mixed with orange juice to create a lip-smacking fusion, with the hints of mint leaves and lemon juice to add-on to the grace of this revitalizing drink.
  5. De Motivate: If the bond was real and looking for a different drink than a martini, this would be it. De motivate is a creation with the mixing of guava juice with Tabasco and lime juice, and shaken to perfection, perhaps the bond way.

These are a few examples of what are the best drinks to choose, when it is not a good time for alcoholic drinks. Stir, shake and sip it up and lose yourself in the divinity of the delectable surprises.

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