Get Introduced to The Golden World of Tea

Chai-oholics will not even consider coffee as an option

For a large section of the society, tea is like a lifeblood. Yeah, like truly. You can relate to this statement if you are chai-oholic yourself. If there are guests visiting you, tea is being served, if you have to work or study and feeling sleepy, tea is the best remedy, meeting friends to discuss your office gossips or life matters, tea is what you need – see, we told you, tea is an integral part of life. If given a choice to order tea and coffee online, the chai-oholics will not even consider coffee as an option and would straight away order tea.

While, many of us can only picture tea as a beverage which is a concoction of water and milk, boiled together with some sugar and tea leaves, along with added flavour (optional) of ginger, cardamom or others, but there’s more to it. Let’s get acquainted with the other members of this rather large tea family.

1.       Green Tea:

If there’s one tea that has been able to gain extreme fame after our very own Chai, then it’s indeed the green tea. It is known to improve brain function, burn fat, lower the risk of getting cancer and cardiovascular diseases and many more. Just type a query “café near me serving green tea” and head towards it to sip on this deliciousness. 

2.       Saffron Kahwa:

Being identified as a Kashmiri beverage, Saffron infused Kahwa helps to withstand cold and harsh weather like one of your favourite coats. This golden beauty aids in improving digestion, maintaining healthy weight, strengthening immune system and de-stressing the mind.  This is indeed the type of tea that will give you a hug of warmth in winter. You don’t have to visit Kashmir to feel the warmth of Saffron Kahwa, you can find it at cafés in Rohini and some other parts of Delhi as well.

3.       Jasmine Green Tea:

When green tea gets the hint of Jasmine flower based flavour, we get our very own Jasmine Green Tea. It has a vast treasure of antioxidants and the mesmerising aroma of Jasmine, making it the ideal green tea to consume. Research studies suggest that this variety of tea helps in ensuring arthritis relief and controlling blood pressure. People suffering with stressful life conditions will also find some relief on consuming this tea. You can visit Café Muzino, a budding café in Delhi, to sip on this amazing tea.

4.       Oolong Tea:

The origin of Oolong tea can be traced back to almost 400 years in China. It is a type of green and fermented tea, which is widely consumed for its unique taste and a list of health benefits it is seen to be associated with. Oolong tea helps in reducing chronic health conditions, such as heart diseases, inflammatory disorders, etc. It also promotes superior bone structure, clear skin and appreciable dental health. This variety of tea is naturally rich in antioxidants, while containing vital vitamins and minerals too.

So, next time when you want to order tea and coffee online or while sitting in a café, you know tea is what you need to pick. You just need to think and choose the type of tea you want to order at that particular time.

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